I just listened to the podecast of "the Ben & Skin Show" and they were talking with Chuck Cooperstein about what the Mavs should do. Resign Chandler this offseason (or whenever we can) or sign Deron Williams next summer. Chuck said don't trade big for small. Ben likes the idea of Dirk, Deron, and Haywood lineup. 


I say resign Chandler!!! I wasn't there all 31 years for the Mavericks but as long as I have been a fan, Chandler has been the best Center for the Mavs!!!  We got a gem out of him.  It's hard to find a center like him.  He was a big boost to this team, especially on defense.


I would love to have Deron Williams on this team! I think he wants to play for this team. A Dirk and Deron combo will be deadly. But I would go with what we have a better chance with. I believe we'll have a better chance at getting Ty back because he wants to come back and defend the title. We took a chance with him and I'm sure he knows that. And I'm sure he hates going to team to team every year.


It's a tough choice but I would go and get Chandler back because this is where he belongs!!! WE NEED HIM HERE!!! 

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IF they dont keep chandler OR someone as good or better we will not go back to the finals END OF STORY
We need Chandler. He is the best C in our team.

I totally agree with you, WE HAVE TO KEEP CHANDLER !!He is one of the many reasons we are the champions.But if Cuban is smart, he will find a way to keep Chandler and still get Williams. He adds another youth factor to our opportunities for another championship !!!

 Have a great day!!

                             Ed Brown

It ain't even close  Sign  Tyson  I don/t like Deron Williams  >  His ego caused problems in Utah  I think he is over rated. He is about Deron first  team later.


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