How does one get selected for the Acme brick seat upgrade for a game?

How do you get selected as the Designated Driver for a game?

How do you get to participate in those contests where you shoot the ball and win a TV or cash?

I see this stuff all the time at the games, but never have figured out how to get to do any of this stuff.

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J, Your picked out of the crowd. To be the Designated driver you have to sign up for it. Walk around the concourse and look for AAC employees sitting at a table or booth. There is usually two spots for that. I think they always wear black AAC jackets. There will be a card you have to fill out and at the end of the 3rd quarter usually if your lucky they will draw your name and call it out over the pa system.
yeah its random best bet is to be a painted fan for seat upgrades that is my fav thing to see those are awesome seats up there with those maniaacs not a dull moment
I totally wanna do that one day. Just so I can say I did. Lol. But crowds make me nervous. Standing up in front of them to be all RPL, eesh. Scary.
lol Kellie


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