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Dallas Mavricks Gear


Have you been looking for some additional Dallas Mavricks gear for your collection, or even to give away as a gift. Check out Football Fantatics collection of jerseys, hats, mugs hoodies and more.

Click here and check out the NBA section and click on the…


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AGLOCO’s story is simple

Dear Dallas Mavericks Fans,

I recently joined AGLOCO because of a friend recommended it to me. I am now promoting it to you because I like the idea and I want you to share in what I think will be an exciting new Internet…


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House Music Flava’s” by Byron Burke

The House Music Channel & Warrior FM - London Presets:

“House Music Flava’s” by Byron Burke.

Byron will be serving up a robust blend of soulful vocal, gospel & garage house, including classics, new releases interviews and special guest DJ’s from around the world.

Every Tuesday at these times:

10 AM - 12 PM Pacific Standard Time

12- 2 PM Central Standard…


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I'm moving out of Arlington TX!!

Me and my sister are moving again to Addison in September. So exciting! Addison is so amazing...it has everything! The apartments are right on Beltline Rd. Can't wait!! The patio is freakin' huge! Ugh...you have no idea of how excited I am.

How freakin huge is that? And the price! It's a winner...

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Nick Fazekas, Come On Down, You Are The Next Contestant

We had the Eric Montross Era. Then there was the Shawn Bradley Era.
Then there was the Raef LaFrentz Era. Then there was the Keith Van Horn
Era. Then there was the Austin Croshere Era.

Dallas, get ready for the Nick Fazekas Era.


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In the end...

In the end my dream almost become just a dream...

It is a competitive world

maybe i didn't fail

ok just look forward

you can see the bright and happy future

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Austin Croshere

Austin Croshere is a waste of money. That is all I can say about him.

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http://espn.go.com/espy2007/index.html#/vote/Dirk has been nominated for THE BEST INTERNATIONAL PLAYER and THE BEST NBA PLAYER in the Espys awards on July 15 If you want to vote for him then go on Espn.go.com/espy2007.

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Basketball Withdrawls.........

Geez, I really hate the summer months and early fall. I live for November and the start of the season. Too bad all these months happen in between.

For all my clubbing friends in Dallas, may I suggest a night out with Manny Trevin and his band (which includes my son on drums). Please check out Manny Trevin on myspace. His recently released music video is up as well as a list of upcoming shows around the DFW area. It will also give you a chance to hear some of the music. I know, I don't…


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waiting is a tough thing....

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test 123

First Blog post.

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Do everything possible to get Kobe

Kobe Bryant is by far the best player in the NBA. In his recent list of places he would like to get traded to, he only had three teams. Chicago, Phoenix, and Dallas. Think about this: Dirk for Kobe.

Don't get me wrong. I love Dirk. He's awesome. But Kobe can take over a game.

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add me on my friendster

my account on Friendster sigbinputi@yahoo.net

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Everyone needs to see this- very important for safety:

No age limit, everyone needs to know these things, absolutely.

Social Networking Sites: Safety Tips for Tweens and Teens (click on link below: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/tech/tec14.shtm

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30 Africans get free U.S. education already, including Mavs staffer!

John Smallwood | Mavs scouting director sowing good SEEDS

CLEVELAND - Amadou Gallo Fall didn't even have the cliché "cup of coffee" in the NBA as a player.

That was fine with him because becoming a professional basketball player was never his intent when a Peace Corps worker discovered him at a basketball clinic in Tunisia.

Gallo Fall was asked if he would be interested in continuing his education on a basketball…


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Happy Birthday

Dear Dirks birthday~


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a very special day!

today is dirk'a birthday,hehe, "happy birthday ,you dirk,forever young in my heart!"

what can i do , just pray, from the long distance .

hope ,he will have a great new season, have a wonderful life!

by the way, today is also the traditional festival day in china ,the dragon boat festival~~

for rememberring the great poet- 屈原.

anyway ,today is really a special day for me!!

hi! hope everyboday have a good time everday!

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I totally don't update my blog much.

So do you want to be a Mavs insider? Read my blog on myspace.com. You'll find my link on under my website (I don't feel like posting it right now, tee hee). You'll have to add me, so request away.

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Basketball Trivia:

Re: George Clooney, 46: "While filming the upcoming flick Leatherheads, The Office star, John Krasinski, 27, bet George $1,000 he could whup him in basketball. "I beat him!" George boasted. "11 to 8!" Star (magazine) June 25, 2007, p. 26.

Also, this season Justin Timberlake met with Dirk Nowitzki again at the Airlines Center before his concert. Justin is supposed to be a great basketball fan. Wouldn't it be…


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Graphics & Layouts

Graphics & Layouts Continue

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