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Q and A: Chris Kaman

Chris Kaman

Number: 35

Born: Apr 28, 1982

Height: 7-0

Weight: 265

College: Central Michigan

Years Pro: 9

Q: What is on your mind right now?

A: Killing Lesley Berry for talking me into doing this interview.

Q: Where did you grow up?

A: Wyoming, Michigan.…


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Today, the Mavericks travel to Berlin, Germany for a pre-season exhibition game against Alba Berlin.  Alba Berlin is a highly skilled basketball team and "more or less" the L.A. Lakers of Germany. You can be sure that they will be taking the game seriously. The game is this Saturday and will be broadcast on TXA21, so be…


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One Step at a Time

(photo by Me) Tyson Chandler puts on his kicks before an early morning of staduim stairs.…


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Someone Messes with Me...I'm Gonna Mess with Them!!!

On most days I wouldn't want to be Mark Cuban. There is a laundry list of problems that come from being a rich, outspoken, famous NBA owner. We don't have to name them as nearly all of them are in the paper on a daily basis. However, if there was ever a time I wanted to be Mark, it was Monday night at the American Airlines Center when he hosted WWE Monday Night Raw.

The beauty of being Mark Cuban in this instance is that he is a tall,… Continue

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Inside Dish has come up with a new trick when trying to track down players for question-and-answer interviews: Get them when they are receiving "treatment" from the team trainers for their various injuries. They are captive. Inside Dish caught up with Drew Gooden when he was laying flat on the trainer's table receiving treatment for his current back injury. He was happy to answer questions to help him pass the time.

ID: I ask… Continue

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Shawn Marion Q&A

ID: What did you think when you first heard that the Dallas Mavericks might be interested in you?

SM: I was really excited to be going to a really good team and to get back into the Western Conference.

ID: Why do they call you Matrix?

SM: Kenny Smith gave me that nickname during the preseason of my rookie year. I made some spectacular plays back-to-back in a 30 second sequence or something crazy like that and it… Continue

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It is tough to be the rookie “gopher” for your team when you are forced to wait around for a ride everywhere you would like to go because you don't have a license to drive a motor vehicle in the United States.

Even getting to the team airplane for a road trip to Los Angeles is a logistical nightmare for rookie point guard Rodrigue Beaubois. Above "Roddy" is buttoned up and ready to roll all the while watching the back door of the… Continue

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The Dallas Mavericks welcomed a new member to the team today. Scouted and plucked from a local church league Tamm Llorrac has lead his league in scoring and head bands used per season for the last 5 years.

"It's all happening so fast and we hate to see him go, but it is what's best for his career," said church alderman and head coach Rory Price. "I am just glad that Mavericks owner Mark Cuban happened to be taking advantage of the… Continue

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Dallas Mavericks Rookie Point Gaurd Rodrigue Beaubois put up a few hours worth of last second shots (Mavs Training Camp starts today) last night on the practice court at the American Airlines Center.

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James Singleton talks to Dallas Mavericks Hoop Campers today at Richland Community College. James answered questions and told the story of his NBA journey to-date. After all the talking was done there were three serious games of “Knock-Out.” James won the first game and lost the second and third games. They were highly competitive… Continue

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A New Beggining. The End.

Today is draft day in the NBA. Draft day more or less marks the start of the new 2009-2010 NBA season for the Dallas Mavericks. Mavericks fans are sitting on pins and needles waiting to find out what happens inside that little room in the American Airlines Center. The room where Donnie Nelson will make a pick that puts the Dallas Mavericks back on the road to an NBA Championship. It is a day of hope and optimism about the upcoming… Continue

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STANDING (BACK ROW): Team Psychologist, Don Kalkstein; Assistant Athletic Trainer, Dionne Calhoun; Free Throw Coach, Gary Boren; Video Coordinator, Mike Shedd, Video Coordinator, Monte Mathis; Assistant Coach, Tom Sterner; Assistant Coach, Mario Elie; Assistant Coach, Popeye Jones; Assistant Coach, Terry Stotts; Assistant Coach, Darrell Armstrong; Assistant Coach, Dwane Casey; Player Development, Brad Davis; Assistant General Manager,… Continue

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Inside Dish sat with Team Physician T.O. Souryal before Game 2 in San Antonio on Monday night and chatted about his history with the Dallas Mavericks organization.

How long have you been the Mavericks team doctor and how did you get started here?

This is my 16th season with the team. I got started with the Mavericks… Continue

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Erick Dampier takes a stroll in downtown San Antonio after basketball practice on Sunday afternoon.

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Baaang! Baaang!

Jason Terry's last second jumper gives the Dallas Mavericks a two-point victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight at the American Airlines Center. (photo by Glenn James NBAE/Getty Images)

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(Above pictures shows Jason Kidd dropping his 10,000 dime on the Toronto Raptors on March 1, 2009 at the American Airlines Center)

I learned the definition of a basketball assist on Sunday afternoon as the Mavericks took on (and beat down) the Phoenix Suns. I watched Jason Kidd’s assist total climb throughout the first half as I was trying to get a picture of his fourteenth assist.

I wanted this picture because that would… Continue

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A couple things

1.) I know I said I wouldn't post press releases on my blog, but this is only the second time this season so that isn't too bad.

2.) Sometimes a press release says it all and I cannot make it funnier or more basic.

3.) I am going to avoid saying something negative about the Mavericks starting such a large initiative as “Guard the Planet.” I won’t say that it is a peculiarly ambitious plan for the… Continue

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Dirk Nowitzki met with current NBA broadcaster and former NBA Championship Coach Jack Ramsay on Saturday night upon arrival to Cleveland.

Dirk was interviewed by "Dr. Jack" as part ESPN Radio broadcast of tomorrows contest between the Dallas Mavericks and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What did you think a NBA superstar would do on Saturday night?

Mavericks vs.Cavaliers tips off at 12:00 pm Dallas… Continue

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Tuesday morning, the Dallas Mavericks had to report to the arena two hours earlier than normal because they were scheduled to sign autographs for local charities before their morning practice.

Jason Kidd was the first player to arrive and started signing the 100 or so basketballs like a factory assembly line worker. He was a machine. As he signed, I noticed a large picture button pinned to his chest. The button had a picture of a… Continue

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On the Mavericks latest road trip Mavericks Head Coach Rick Carlisle donned the leather jacket and sun glasses of Mavericks Super Fan Don Knobler.

Knobler was a guest on the road with the Mavericks and made the mistake of hanging his jacket in the same closet as coach… Continue

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