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Each NBA basketball team’s roster contains 12 to 15 players.

The game itself is 5-on-5.

Mathematically, this leaves a lot of players on each team that don’t get much on-court time during regular games. The Mavericks that don’t play in the games don’t just get the night off. The players who don’t get much on-court time have to go through a post-game workout with Strength and Condition coach Robert Hackett.

Hackett explains: “If a player doesn’t get a least 20… Continue

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Shave and a Haircut

It would not be a stretch to say that everyone in the basketball universe knows how skilled Jerry Stackhouse is on the basketball court.

But did you know that he has more haircutting skills than Floyd the Barber? Well, not exactly "haircutting" skill; more like “taking-a-razor-to-it” skills.

He, in fact, has so much talent that after a recent Mavericks practice he shaved his own head. Vectoring with the help of a hand… Continue

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Jason Terry hosted a group of "Trick or Treaters" yesterday at the Mavericks practice court at the American Airlines Center.

The group hung out with Jason and created custom-made Halloween bags and ran around the gym.

However, I think everyone had the most fun when the kids, with Jason's help, TP'ed two Mavericks ManiAACs. By the time they were finished, the two ManiAACs resembled two over-sized Mummys.

The group… Continue

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Gotta be the Shoes

Jason Kidd recently changing shoe companies after being with Nike since he was a newborn, (shoe companies try to get them early), seems to be shaking out much like a high profile divorce.

Accusations of him being a corporate traitor along with some suggestions that trading shoe companies is the equivalent of high treason seem to making their way around the Internet discussion boards.

People are so serious about this matter.

Would you turn down a raise at your… Continue

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Dallas Mavericks Desagana Diop and Brandon Bass went bowling last night with the citizens of "Rowdyville!"

The "Rowdyville" party kicks off the 2008-09 Mavericks season which starts Thursday night against the Houston Rockets at the American Airlines Center.

The above pictures shows the brilliant bowling release of "Gana."

This particular toss ended with an odd 2-10 split. A split in which Gana completely missed… Continue

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The Dallas Mavericks spent 2 hours before practice this morning signing photographs, jerseys, and basketballs. The items will be donated to local charities around Dallas for their specific fund raising efforts.

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Stackhouse Hosts Annual Cookout

Stack’s Annual Cookout is a time for new teammates to get to know each other while enjoying some of the best viddles this side of the Mississippi.

Technically, the chefs are from the other side of the might Mississippi. Imported family members from North Carolina come in to make the day extra special with their secret recipes and down-home techniques.

The cookout had all the normal activities of your garden… Continue

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Gerald Green Q&A

Gerald Green Question and Answer

Certainly there were a few people in the arena on Saturday night that knew Gerald Green is now playing for the Dallas Mavericks. However, it would not be a stretch to say that 99 percent of the fans had never heard of him.

Maybe that’s not giving Maverick fans enough credit, and there are probably a few You Tubers who have been watching Gerald since his high flying prep school days and adore… Continue

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The Final Cut

It all started Monday with the release of Charles Rhodes.

Yesterday, three players Jujuan Smith, Cheyne Gadson, and Reyshawn Terry were all released. (Graphic above)

After this cut, 15 players were left and I felt like I made a good guess as to who the 15th man might be for the 2008-2009 Dallas Mavericks roster.

It seems like the Mavericks have always carried the maximum number of guys allowed by the NBA so my… Continue

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Rick Carlisle Q&A

If I had a nickel for every time a media member asked new Head Coach Rick Carlisle how the Mavericks would fair this season, I would move ahead of Mark Cuban on the Forbes 400 list.

Asking anyone to make a prediction on how a season will turn out weeks before it is to start is like asking Mr. Magoo to read the top line of the eye chart.

Luckily, Inside Dish caught up with Coach Carlisle after a recent Mavericks… Continue

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Funny Face!

After a tough practice this afternoon filled with lots of offensive sets and fast breaks the Dallas Mavericks spent the remainder of the day running from “set” to “set” in the basement of the American Airlines Center performing in front of a variety of cameras.

The afternoon was set aside for the players to perform in front of the cameras so that Mavericks broadcasting crew would have interview material for upcoming… Continue

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Jason Kidd at his PEAK debut

Jason Kidd brought home more than just a gold medal from China this summer. Along with Olympic Gold, he also brought home a lucrative shoe contract (literally more gold) from Chinese Shoe manufacturer PEAK.

Tonight in Detroit will be the first night that he actually plays with the shoes. Jason wore the shoes on the bench last night in Indiana but actually didn’t play in the game.

Below is the actual shoe that he will wear… Continue

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Every NBA player has a story as to why they chose and wear the number on their jersey.

Jason Kidd chose his number 2 because that is the number he was drafted in the 1994 NBA draft (even though it is hard to erase his earlier association with the number 5).

Dirk Nowitzki wears 41 because his life-long jersey number in Germany was 14 but when he arrived in Dallas in 1999, Eduardo Najera already had his number. So he just… Continue

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Milwaukee Bucks aka...."Ex-Mavericks"

The NBA is a transient league. If you look at the transaction page in the newspaper during this time of the year, you can track the many players that move between teams.

A majority of the top players in the league rarely move and when they do, the blockbuster trades are given top priority in the sports sections of newspapers around the league.

However, a majority of the trades or free agent signings rarely make more than the “Transactions” section on the last page of the… Continue

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Housing Shortage

The current residential housing market is excellent for buyers at the moment. It’s a buyer’s market. As usual for this time of the year, the Mavericks are having the usual housing shortage. A shortage that has players changing clothes in corners usually reserved for shoe storage or doorways. Currently, 19 players are jammed into a locker room designed for 16 but that normally operates day-to-day with 15.

This is the inner locker room, the actual room that houses the 16 player lockers… Continue

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