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Omelette Man

The Mavericks took on the Laker's last night in Los Angeles (if you are reading this blog I am sure you know the outcome).

Directly after the game the Mavs jetted off to Sacramento for a 7:00 pm tip-off tonight against the Sacremento Kings. As we know, this is called a Back-to-Back

When the second night of the back-to-back is in an away city, a majority of… Continue

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When you travel with the Dallas Mavericks you see that every player has thier own set of head phones. They listen to their ipods or watch dvd movies on their computers during the long flights and the in-between hours of bus time and game time.

The variety of headsets range from small ipod type to large music studio type headsets that look more like giant Eskimo earmuffs.

Recently, a new trend has been started by Jason Kidd… Continue

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The Dallas Mavericks spent yesterday afternoon on the American Airlines Center practice court teaching children from DARS (Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services) how to shoot, dribble, and pass a basketball.

The children from DARS had varying degrees of disabilities, but none were apparent on the basketball court as everyone had a blast trying to show the Mavericks… Continue

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Alexis Cuban has sat courtside for a Mavericks game many times in her first five years on the planet. Her first order of experiences has been front row center court with her mom. A fan couldn’t get much better than that – what a great place to start!

But last Friday night she got to sit courtside with her father, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Mark’s seat is in the front row baseline, perpendicular to the Mavericks’ bench.… Continue

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Beatles Mania hit the south plaza balcony at the American Airlines Center this afternoon.

Dirk Nowitzki, Josh Howard, Jason Kidd and Jason Terry - the “new Beatles” filmed a music video to their hit song “Get Back!”

200 fans stood beneath the balcony and did their best Beatles fanatic scream imitations as lead singer Dirk sang about “Jojo” leaving his home in Tucson, Arizona.

Back-up singers Jason Terry and Jason… Continue

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The entertainment area in the Dallas Mavericks locker room just got a complete facelift.

Included in the upgrade is a brand new custom pool table from Universal Billiards.

The table was just installed yesterday and already players are battling it out for who rules the Mavericks slate.

Jason Kidd and Erick Dampier faced off today after shoot-around. Their most recent series stands at 1-1.

Stay… Continue

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If you missed the Mavericks game against the Houston Rockets last night you avoided a rain storm that lasted a little over 8 minutes and was pinpointed and torrential in the southwest half of the Toyota Center. Doppler radar could barely keep up with this storm.

During a timeout with 4:24 remaining in the first quarter coach Rick Carlisle inserts Jason Terry into the game subbing him for center Erick Dampier. In the huddle coach… Continue

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It's a good thing Jerry Stackhouse didn't play last night in Stackville...I mean Charlotte... because he didn't really have time to read a scouting report or go through pre-game shoot around. He was too busy filling out Will Call envelopes.

Stack had to round up 56 tickets to the game for friends and family in the area. Luckily only 100 people showed up for the game (Just… Continue

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Dallas Mavericks 2008-2009 Yearbook Cover Concept

The picture above is the cover concept that Rick Fillmon of Adrenaline Design Group submitted for approval this morning. It is just a concept and not the final product. He is just submitting his first effort from the direction that he was given by the Mavericks.

The Mavericks marketing director, Paul Monroe, is trying to give all of our printed collateral the same feel this year. We have to use certain design elements that match our… Continue

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Humidity Work Board

Moments after their victory over the New York Knicks in Madison Square Gardens Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle and forward Dirk Nowitzki were hard at work trying to figure out a play that might work against their next opponent.

The Mavericks are in Charlotte now waiting to take on the Bobcats tomorrow night at 6:00pm Dallas… Continue

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The first time that I saw Dirk Nowitzki play basketball was at the Dallas Mavericks practice facility at Baylor Health Club in downtown Dallas. It was late October 1998 and there were no real NBA games being played so players had to play pickup where ever they could find a game. It was his first time playing basketball as a Maverick, but the NBA had closed its doors for business. You remember that awful time don't you?

The reason…

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There are certain feelings that come over us throughout our lives that make us feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Feelings that get us through the day when everything might not seem to be going as planned.

A hug from a friend, a kiss from a lover, eating a chicken fried steak smothered in gravy, the creamy sugary taste of a large piece of German chocolate cake, a successful jumper from our German that barely touches the… Continue

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Road Trip Collage (Page 20 of 180)

If a picture is worth 1,000 words...here is a few more than that...or so.

This is one half of the collage from our first road trip to Minnesota on November 1st.

There will be 90 spreads.

Two pages per game (8 pre-season plus 82 regular season).

This is page 20 or 180.

Actual size is 20 x… Continue

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After the shoot around in Denver on Friday, I asked Gerald Green if he thought the NBA would ask him to be in the dunk contest during NBA All-Star Weekend?

Of course, I am asking for selfish reasons, in that I would love to see a Mavericks player participate in the dunk contest and actually have a chance to do something great.

Our past participants, Michael Finley and Tony Dumas, although terrific leapers performed poorly… Continue

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Chauncey Billups made his Denver debut last night against the Mavericks.

It was a grand homecoming for Chauncey as he played basketball at Denver’s George Washington High School.

There were video taped “Welcome Back” messages from his high school and from his alma mater Colorado Buffalos on the jumbotron.

There were cheers from Nuggets fans who remembered him as a budding star that played for them during a two… Continue

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The small size of a hotel room is never more apparent than when you stop by the room of an NBA center.

When you follow him in the room, you see that he has to duck down through the hallway in order not to bang his head on the ceiling. He is not able to stand tall until he reaches the main suite and the ceiling rises to 9 feet.

Then when he is stretched out on the bed working on his computer you wonder how he could possibly… Continue

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Road Trip

The Dallas Mavericks fly into the friendly skies this afternoon on their way to Denver. This is the Mavericks first two-game road trip of the 2008-2009 NBA season. The Mavericks play the Denver Nuggets on Friday night. Afterwards they head to LA-LA Land to go up against the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday afternoon.


“I don’t drink that toxic radio active Diet Mt. Dew. It will kill you.”

Rick Carlisle.… Continue

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Back to Back

The 82-game NBA regular season normally starts near the first of November and runs through the second week of the following April. Squeezing 82 games for 30 teams into five-and-a-half months creates a scheduling phenomenon known as the “Back-to-Back.”

There are mixed feelings when it comes to deciding if back-to-back games effects the way a team can perform. Logistically, the back-to-back is unavoidable and seen as a cost of doing business from the league’s point of view, and it is… Continue

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Baby Stack aka Mini-Me

I will give you three guesses as to who the father is of this 12 year old future NBA star?

The first two guesses don’t count.

To say that Jay Stackhouse resembles his father would be the understatement of the new season. Jerry and Jay are the real life version of Dr. Evil and Mini Me - minus the forehead scar.

It will be a few years before Jay matches the size of his father, but already the physical resemblances… Continue

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Hand Stand

Dirk Nowitzki has game day rituals that would make the NASA Space Shuttle's pre-flight checklist look like a Dick and Jane book.

HIs rituals are like a precision time piece - or as he says "Like Clock Work baby!"

Recently added to his game day routine is a new item- the hand stand push up.

Interesting,… Continue

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