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I wouldn’t be surprised if the average Mavericks fan told me that they hadn’t the foggiest notion as to what team James Singleton played for in the NBA. I would say that a majority of them would be surprised to learn that he plays for the Mavericks, and has all year. Even NBA.com has his video highlights from when he played for the Clippers three seasons… Continue

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Hey, I told you that Jason Terry was a great guy.

Tonight the NBA validated what I was trying to tell you earlier this month.

Jason Terry is a nice guy.

Jason was named the recipient of the NBA Community Assist Award for November 2008. The award recognizes his outstanding efforts in the community and his ongoing philanthropic and… Continue

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The Mavericks green game jerseys have a couple of slight variations tonight. The variations commemorate the Dallas Mavericks first ever Christmas tilt.

The most notable variation is the snow flake logo that surrounds the normal NBA Logo on the left shoulder of the jersey.

There is also a “Special Edition: Christmas Day” tag that is added and located above the requisite authentic jersey measurement tag that comes on all NBA… Continue

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Well, I wasn't exactly correct with the blog post about what shoes Jason Terry would be wearing in the Christmas game against Portland. It is what I was told at the time, but today at shoot-around Jason brought out a new pair of kicks that he will sport this evening.

Jet is always working on finding just the right shoe for his super sonic game.

The REEBOK Jet Pump, in the previous post, will not be put on moth balls like… Continue

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Here is a quick pre-game glimpse of the Nike Christmas shoes that some of our Mavericks will be wearing tonight against Portland.

Dirk Nowitzki, Devean George, James Singleton, Jose Barea, Brandon Bass, and Shawn Williams will be wearing the type shown… Continue

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Answer: Turkeys, stockings and basketballs.

Question: What are the things that get stuffed on Christmas Day.

The NBA is moving in on the traditional aspects of Christmas. They are piling on top of the mountain of stuffed turkeys and over flowing stockings to the tune of 5 NBA games throughout Christmas day. Depending on where you live you might be able to watch a NBA basketball game from sun up to sun down. If you are a… Continue

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The Dallas Mavericks had practice yesterday at 2:00 pm at the Washington Wizards practice court in the Verizon Center.

The first part of the practice consisted of them watching film in the locker room.

I skipped that and watched a real college basketball game on the main floor. I caught the last half of the second half of Mount St. Mary's versus the home team Georgetown Hoyas. Georgetown won the game 69-58 but Mount St.… Continue

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A severe storm has hit the eastern sea board and is pouring buckets of snow onto New York and the surrounding area. Hopefully, the Dallas Mavericks will do the same thing tonight as they storm the Izod Center and take on Devin Harris and the New Jersey Nets.

Above: Dirk Nowitzki walks to the bus with Coach Terry Stotts after the team’s morning shoot around.

The Mavericks have been in New York since they left Toronto… Continue

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If you showed up late for the game this past Saturday night, you might have wondered why the heck all the people in the front row were wearing the same t-shirt or camouflage uniforms.

If everyone around you was just as clueless or the information didn’t trickle through your area, you would have had to wait until the second period for the announcement to come over the PA system.

The announcement honored the people sitting in… Continue

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Last evening, Erick Dampier made his way through the driving snow on his way to dinner at Harbor Sixty near Lake Ontario in Downtown Toronto.

Toronto in mid-December definitely isn't picnic weather. Thankfully, basketball is played indoors.

The Dallas Mavericks take on the Toronto Raptors tonight at 6:00 pm Dallas time. So hurry home from work tonight and get dialed… Continue

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It's one of those mental mind games that we play with ourselves everyday.

A ritual that we practice that makes us think we are right in the mind or prepared for the task ahead.

There are hundreds of them.

One that "stands" out for Mark Cuban on game day is his ritual that he plays at the start of every Mavs game.

It's a "standing" deal that he has with himself.

Mark doesn't sit down until… Continue

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If you looked at your 2008-2009 Dallas Mavericks schedule yesterday you would have seen that it was an off night for the Mavericks.

Well, that isn’t exactly true because the Mavericks played more games last night than they have probably played all season. Ms. Pac Man, pinball, Galaga (my favorite), air hockey, bowling, bumper cars, go-karts, putt-putt, wall climbing and even laser tag were on the agenda last night at the Mavs annual… Continue

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Okay, if yesterday, you were wondering what this picture was... I guess it would be a good question. I posted it last night, but thought it was just a draft that you couldn't see?


So, to answer your question....the above picture is all the soap, shampoo and conditioner, lotions, and mouth wash that I have taken from the hotels that we have stayed at so far this season.

I collect these things to bring back… Continue

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Madden '09

The Cowboys are marching down the field trailing the Indianapolis Colts 10-7 with just under two minutes remaining in the game.

After two gigantic quarterback sacks the Cowboys are faced with a third down and 22

with the ball sitting on the Colts 27.

Indianapolis Colts defensive coordinator Jason Terry (really Dallas Mavericks point Guard Jason Terry) mentions that “they don’t have a 22 yard pass… Continue

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Jason Kidd on his chest tattoo: “I got this tattoo so long ago. All the way back to about the time I was drafted by the Mavericks. I got it done at a shop in the Bay Area (San Francisco). I just like tigers, panthers, cats in general. I have always wanted to own a…

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Yearbook Cover

The 2008-2009 Dallas Mavericks Yearbook cover design, as well as the rest of the contents of the book, was sent to the printer yesterday.

We should have books delivered to the arena by the 20th of December.

Be on the lookout!

Also, if you want to check out how this cover differs from our first attempt you can click… Continue

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11:48 am Game Day

Corner pocket of the American Airlines Center

Game day.

11:48 am.



Suited for action.

Ready to erupt.

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The Dallas Mavericks put out an email newsletter every two weeks called INSIDE DISH. It is more-or-less the same thing as my blog only in an email form that looks cooler than my blog (well, at least the html version does).

Below is the content of the email that will be going out tomorrow morning. So I guess you are getting the "inside dish" on the INSIDE DISH. If you would like to sign up for INSIDE DISH you can…

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When I say that 'Jason Terry is probably the nicest guy you will ever meet!' it is not just a figure of speech.

Seriously, the dude is embarrasingly nice. He is Steve Nash nice. Heck, he is Santa Claus nice. No, lets get closer to the point, he is Mother Theresa nice but with a better smile and more range on his jumper.

So this afternoon, for the second year in a row, Jason delivered winter coats to the homeless in a… Continue

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