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D.A. is Back in the Big D.

Even as a player on the 2005-2006 NBA Finals Dallas Mavericks squad Darrell Armstrong was already taking the coaching posture on the sideline.

He discussed it with the media today after his first practice with the team:

"I am glad to be back and hopefully starting a long coaching career. Even when I played here I was almost like an assistant coach. Avery (Johnson) used me a lot. He always told me that he didn't mind me… Continue

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The Chinese New Year was yesterday (Jan. 26th).

2009 is the year of the OX.

How do I know this?

I looked it up on the internet.

Why did I look up it up?

Because some one sent Mark Cuban the poster above? It appeared in a Chinese basketball magazine.

I think the person that sent it to him stole it from the blog http://tanjieblog.blog.sohu.com

I looked up the address but… Continue

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Probably for the first time in NBA history, Jason Kidd and Dirk Nowitzki participated in a two-a-day practice session last week. Most two-a-day practice sessions are reserved for the first week of training camp in October.

But last Friday evening a special practice session was held at the Mavericks practice court at the American Airlines Center. The Mavericks regular practice was held earlier that morning.

The new teammates… Continue

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What's your 20?

The Dallas Mavericks are playing the Detriot Pistons tomorrow night in The Palace at Auburn Hills.

They are staying in Birmingham, Michigan the night before the game (tonight).

They practiced today at the recreation center at Oakland University in Oakland, Michigan.

I rarely have the foggiest idea of where I am when we come to this area.

I just follow the crowds at bus time.

The… Continue

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I am not a basketball scout for the Dallas Mavericks nor do I play one on TV, but it doesn't take one to see the athleticism of new Dallas Mavericks center Ryan Hollins.

Last night, in his first game wearing a Mavericks uniform and just after checking into the game, Hollins showed his high flying ability with an authoritative back door alley-oop dunk.

The above picture shows him getting fouled on another high flying… Continue

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Mark Cuban Basketball Center Dedication

Mark Cuban knows the inside of the basketball business better than most. He has seen, heard, read, and lived first hand the horror stories of how the developement of basketball players in the United States has degenerated into a factory mentality of grifters. A system that uses the players for their skills then leaves a majority of them that don't make it in the NBA unskilled and unprepared for life after basketball.

He personally has… Continue

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You’ve seen him a million times.

You have certainly wondered who he is or tried to figure out “His deal?!”

Who exactly is that Mavericks nut that sits courtside with those hot pink clappers, crazy outfits, and his silver hair pulled back in a ponytail?

His name is Don Knobler and he has become as much a part of a Dallas Mavericks home game as the players themselves.

Inside Dish thought we would ask him… Continue

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Perfect Attendance

A couple of years ago, before a Mavericks game at the American Airlines Center, Dick Bavetta mentioned to me the number of games that he had reffed in the NBA.

It was an incredible number.

So last week before the New York Knicks game at the American Airlines Center I was walking out to the floor and I noticed Dirk standing waiting to head onto the floor. I asked him where his streak stood and he gave me the numbers in this… Continue

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The above picture shows Jason Kidd and Noel Esteban hanging out after the Mavericks last home game against the New York Knicks.

Oh, yeah, it also shows them throwing the "Shaka" sign which is a traditional and popular Hawaiian hand gesture that is used as a greeting and salutation.

Accordingly, Noel, was in town from the Island of Oahu with this mom and sister. They traveled to Dallas as part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation… Continue

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The Dallas Mavericks put on a contest at Mavs games during November and December that asked its dedicated fans to punch 2009 NBA All Star ballots, of course voting for their favorite Mavericks.

The fan that punched the most ballots would receive a private party hosted by Jason Kidd.

A few days ago the Dallas Mavericks public relations department put out a press release that announced the names of the two “lucky” fans that… Continue

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The Dallas Mavericks players got a chance to meet Mason Ridenour after the game against the Clippers on Tuesday night. Mason, who is in town receiving treatment for leukemia, chilled out post-game near the Dallas Mavericks locker room.

Mason hoped to get some autographs of the players on his new Mavericks ball (a gift from fans sitting near him during the game).

Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban stopped by to check out the… Continue

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From The Archives: “The Morning After.” Salt Lake City, Utah. May 4, 2001

In an emotional moment, just after the Dallas Mavericks won their first playoff series in 12 years, the new owner of the team Mark Cuban, through a squeaky nearly tearful voice, proclaimed to Bob Ortegel and the entire Mavericks television audience that the Dallas Mavericks “will never miss the playoffs ever again!”

The moment I heard him say it I knew it would be true.

Eight years and counting.

The picture above… Continue

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FED EX FORUM, Memphis, Tennessee. 6:10 PM. Saturday, January 3, 2008

It might seem deserted at the moment but a NCAA game between the University of Memphis and Lamar University is 50 minutes from tipoff.

The Dallas Mavericks have already arrived in Memphis for their game against the Grizzlies set for 3:00 pm tomorrow… Continue

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This is the time of year when American Express sends you the summary of your yearly activities.

So here are some numbers that summarize the first two months of the Mavericks season and the end of the 2008 calendar year.

Games Played: 31

Wins: 19

Losses: 12

Points Scored: 3107

Points Allowed: 3007

Dirk Career Points: 17,762

Rick Carlise Career Coaching Wins: 300

Flights Taken: 30

Miles Flown: 27,339 (probably a little bit less...I… Continue

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I wouldn’t be surprised if the average Mavericks fan told me that they hadn’t the foggiest notion as to what team James Singleton played for in the NBA. I would say that a majority of them would be surprised to learn that he plays for the Mavericks, and has all year. Even NBA.com has his video highlights from when he played for the Clippers three seasons… Continue

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Hey, I told you that Jason Terry was a great guy.

Tonight the NBA validated what I was trying to tell you earlier this month.

Jason Terry is a nice guy.

Jason was named the recipient of the NBA Community Assist Award for November 2008. The award recognizes his outstanding efforts in the community and his ongoing philanthropic and… Continue

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The Mavericks green game jerseys have a couple of slight variations tonight. The variations commemorate the Dallas Mavericks first ever Christmas tilt.

The most notable variation is the snow flake logo that surrounds the normal NBA Logo on the left shoulder of the jersey.

There is also a “Special Edition: Christmas Day” tag that is added and located above the requisite authentic jersey measurement tag that comes on all NBA… Continue

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Well, I wasn't exactly correct with the blog post about what shoes Jason Terry would be wearing in the Christmas game against Portland. It is what I was told at the time, but today at shoot-around Jason brought out a new pair of kicks that he will sport this evening.

Jet is always working on finding just the right shoe for his super sonic game.

The REEBOK Jet Pump, in the previous post, will not be put on moth balls like… Continue

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Here is a quick pre-game glimpse of the Nike Christmas shoes that some of our Mavericks will be wearing tonight against Portland.

Dirk Nowitzki, Devean George, James Singleton, Jose Barea, Brandon Bass, and Shawn Williams will be wearing the type shown… Continue

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Answer: Turkeys, stockings and basketballs.

Question: What are the things that get stuffed on Christmas Day.

The NBA is moving in on the traditional aspects of Christmas. They are piling on top of the mountain of stuffed turkeys and over flowing stockings to the tune of 5 NBA games throughout Christmas day. Depending on where you live you might be able to watch a NBA basketball game from sun up to sun down. If you are a… Continue

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