Since I have the displeasure of living in SA, all I hear is "How many rings do you Mavs have?" And I reply "Who sent your team packing?" It is the same old crap with these Spurs fans. Talking about their 3 rings. Even Robert Oldrry said this year that he was rooting against the Mavs when they played the Heat, so the Mavs could be the only one in Texas without a title. What a POS! That dinosaur can barely move. And he is the reason why the Spurs will not win the title this year. The basketball Gods won't allow it. No player since the MJ era will have more rings than MJ. And the NBA will keep it that way. I can't wait to drive around the city of SA with my CHAMPIONSHIP T-shirt and cap, blasting the song "We are the Champions!" and then give all the Spurs fans the number #1 salute with my middle finger, and say "this is how many rings we have."

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Comment by Patrick on April 19, 2007 at 4:47pm
That's the same bullshit I deal with almost every day, Spurs fans talking about the rings they got back YEARS ago, I tell them the same thing you do, "Who kicked the Spurs out of the playoffs last year?", another one of my favorites is asking them why they're living in the past, in 2003, with that sort of logic, Celtics fans could claim to be the best, after all, they have a hell of a lot of rings, but it doesn't mean anything now.
Comment by ilsa on April 7, 2007 at 1:20pm
LOL....i get the same reaction from one of my co-workers!! 3 rings whatever, when was the last 10 yrs ago LOL. I can't stand SA, not the city and especially the team.
Comment by Zully on March 25, 2007 at 7:29am
Thanks for the Add. My husbands family is from SA and they dislike me some cuz my husband is a MAVS fan! We go to Fiesta in Apr every year and we REPRESENT the Mavs w/ our Mavs gear! GO MAVS, have a MAVelous day!
Comment by Rebeccalee on March 15, 2007 at 7:41pm
You go. They make me sick too. Even now, they talk about their 13 game streak... streak, not plural. The Mavs have had three streaks and the potential to have another before regular season ends. Just watch those Spurs fans whine when the streak comes to an end.

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