You wouldn’t really call it a cheat sheet or even a crib note. Semantically, that doesn’t sit well with many people these days. It’s more like an internet playbook for all the places on the web that are dedicated to covering the Dallas Mavericks. The following information actually wouldn’t be enough to fill a three-ring binder. Naturally, your friends would think you were weird if you taped it to your wrist like a football quarterback. So maybe just go techy and add these sites to your “favorites” on the navigation bar of your trusty computer.

The following are websites that are handled by the people involved with the Mavericks -- firsthand sites that are not created by 3rd parties covering the Mavericks, but by the players themselves and the organization.
This is the corporate website for the Dallas Mavericks and their partnership with the NBA. It shows, right? Just kidding…the site has actually come a long way since the “Starwave” days. Plus, the Dallas Mavericks actually have great pictures and an awesome designer in Ty Woolridge. Ty works for the Mavericks and makes sure that all the corporate partners as well as all the fresh information about upcoming events for the Dallas Mavericks are presented in a clean and uniquely-designed format. I already know you check this page out.
I am not so sure that you know about this page. “Friends” is the best place on the web for Mavericks fans. That is not an understatement. It is just starting, but already is the best place for true Maverick fans to catch up with other Mavericks fans that bleed blue. It is part of the Ning network and is basically the Mavericks’ attempt at their own social networking site. Put more precisely, it is a vertical market social network for Mavericks freaks. I post all my pictures on my page and blog on a regular basis about stuff that might be happening at the Mavericks. Or, I dig up archived photos and post them. Earl Snead, who is an up-and-coming basketball writer, reports on Mavericks games as well. Earl does as good oa job as any of the seasoned professionals that cover the Mavericks. Mike Fisher of has his own page here too. It really is a cool place to get with likeminded Mavericks fans. Join and create your own Mavericks page. Also of note for "friends" members, stay tuned for an exclusive ticket offer for the game on April 13th against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The night includes a meet-and-greet with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. More details coming to the "friends" page and Inside Dish will keep you posted.
Hey, every company has to sell t-shirts to survive right? The Mavericks are no different. The Mavericks were the first NBA franchise to sell their merchandise on the internet. The site has grown from four t-shirts to more than 300 product offerings. The Mavericks are selling everything from key chains to baby flip-flops. Whatever you like, I am sure they hawk with a Mavericks logo plastered to it. It’s the Mavericks brotherhood!
Wiki’s have been the craze for a while now, so Mark Cuban decided that the Mavericks needed to have their own wiki. A wiki is basically the “go-to” source on any given noun. You know what a noun is right? A Person, Place or Thing? A wiki is an open source, open forum where people can add information at their convenience on any given subject. It is a lot like the real world version of the encyclopedia, only not written by some stuffy scribe. Also, a wiki doesn’t put a bow in your bookshelves at home or work…it is in cyberspace. It is written by anyone who wants to add their two cents to the topic. So if you are a Mavericks fanatic or have something to add, please do so immediately. It will make us look better.
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has more to say than the average blogger. Like E.F. Hutton, a lot of people seem to be listening (reading) to what he is putting up on the World Wide Web. He doesn’t just talk Mavericks or the NBA. He covers all topics. Currently, the blog is promoting his own economic stimulus plan. People with small business ideas are to post their ideas and proposals in the open forum of his blog page for him to review. They do this with the hopes that he will potentially invest in their business. You have to follow a set of pre-determined rules that he has crafted in order to qualify for his help. Hey, it’s his money. He “pays the cost to be the boss!” Go check it out… you might have an idea he likes.
The Dallas Mavericks were the first sports team of the major four sports to have a myspace presence. It is a great place to catch up with Mavericks fans. It has a more broad-based reach than the “friends” site because of the power of myspace. The Mavericks’ myspace site is maintained by myspace guru Stephen Chavera. Stephen is a graphic wizard, myspace nut, and Dallas Mavericks fanatic. He has more permanent Mavericks tattoos than all of the game night painted fans put together. If you don’t believe me, find him some game night at the American Airlines Center. Jason Terry, Jerry Stackhouse, Josh Howard, Brandon Bass and JJ Barea all have excellent myspace pages maintained by Stephen. The Dallas Mavericks Dancers even have a myspace site.
Would the real Mavericks Fan Page please stand up? Don't be fooled by all the imitators on Facebook. There is only one real Dallas Mavericks fan page and this is it:

In terms of sexiness, our Facebook page is sort of like Mary Ann and our Myspace page is Ginger. But with 16,000+ fans Mary Ann isn't far behind in the friends department. (Dirk Nowitzki)
The Mavericks player pages really are good ones, and we will start the review with Dirk Nowitzki’s page. Dirk’s page is maintained by his sister, Silke, and her husband, Roland. They really do have great access to Dirk and the site shows it with great video and updates. The site also has regular contributors of photos and diary entries. Like most websites, you can buy Dirk merchandise. Go figure?! (Jason Kidd)
Jason Kidd is the consummate professional basketball player. His website is also professionally done. It is actually designed and maintained by Athlete Interactive. They have a handful of basketball players’ websites, including Josh Howard. Jason’s site is as swift as one of his behind-the-head bullet passes. Currently running on the video portion of Jason’s page are the ESPN NBA Destination commercials. Funny stuff! Check out his antics with Mark Cuban and the ESPN cruiser. (Josh Howard)
Josh Howard’s website has a gritty feel to it and features a lot of his lifestyle as well as his basketball escapades. Josh talks about his love of cars, and the site currently features a video montage of basketball action. A few pictures of magazine photo shoots are placed within the flash opening page. A detailed history of Josh’s life is also included on the page. You should read it all to get an understanding of this high flying forward. (Josh Howard)
Josh also has a separate website for his foundation. Let me be the first to tell you that Josh is an embarrassingly nice guy. Josh is the kind of guy who picks up everyone’s tray after a meal at McDonald’s. I don’t mean he just buys the food for the group…I mean he picks up the trash and trays for everyone at the table and takes it to the garbage. He sincerely gives his heart and soul back to the Dallas community and back home in North Carolina. The caring that he gives to the community is constant. Check out what he’s up to next at his foundation’s website. (Jose Barea)
Jose Barea’s site has probably been getting the most hits these days. He is getting tons of minutes for the Mavericks and torching his opponents with his outside shooting as well as his acrobatic craftiness to the basket. The site is obviously under development but is also done by a professional organization, so it will probably not be long before it is updated with new pictures and merchandise. Also, from the homepage it appears that JJ has a new radio show on ESPN Desportes. I work here and didn’t even know that about him. I guess it pays to check out the players’ sites every now and then. (Jerry Stackhouse)
Jerry Stackhouse’s site has been up for 6 years now. It was revamped 2 years ago, but I can tell you that if you haven’t visited it before, I think you will find it to be the most revealing website of any player as a person and a hooper. There is basically a detailed chronology of his entire life on the page. He actually turned his basketball story into a song which I heard a few months ago but didn’t see it on the site. I will see when that will be available and get it to you. It will give you goose bumps. (Ryan Hollins)
Okay, we have to get Ryan some new art. We can cut him some slack because he has only been in Dallas a few weeks, but this slam master still has himself plastered all over the site in Bobcats gear. Aside from the obvious problem, the site is actually professionally done but relatively basic right now. I think once he starts getting some minutes for the Mavericks, some more personal touches will be added so he can create his Mavericks identity. Don’t forget that he was a UCLA Bruin in college, so he already has a gigantic built-in audience.

Finally, a few players will be hosting websites soon. Erick Dampier will have up and running shortly. Gerald Green and Brandon Bass both want to have sites up and running before the season is out. Matt Carroll is thinking about doing a myspace site this week.

Inside Dish will let you know.

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