Inside Dish has come up with a new trick when trying to track down players for question-and-answer interviews: Get them when they are receiving "treatment" from the team trainers for their various injuries. They are captive. Inside Dish caught up with Drew Gooden when he was laying flat on the trainer's table receiving treatment for his current back injury. He was happy to answer questions to help him pass the time.

ID: I ask everyone this when they first come to the did it make you feel when you found out you would be playing in Dallas this season?
DG: I was excited to come to a good team with great teammates and a city with beautiful weather.

ID: How do you like Dallas so far?
DG: I love Dallas. I loved Dallas even before I became a Maverick.

ID: Do you feel a certain urge to play extra well when you play against former teams?
DG: I used to I guess, but then former teams became five, six, seven, and then it seemed like every night you were coming out against your former team. At that point it doesn't really work well as a form of motivation.

ID: When did you realize that you might have the talent to make it into the NBA?DG: You know what? I think I first realized it when I was in high school. A couple of guys during my senior year got drafted into the NBA. When I saw that and I knew what problems I gave those guys on the floor when I played against them, I figured I had a shot. I mean if they could do it, I could definitely get myself into a position to get into the league.

ID: What was the first thing that you bought with your NBA money?
DG: The first thing that I got was a car. I upgraded from a Ford Taurus to a Cadillac Escalade. A guy needs transportation, right?

ID: Why do you wear the number 90?
DG: It's a long sure you have time? Okay, well I always wore the number zero, but when I got to Orlando they already had a double zero, so you couldn't have a zero and a double zero on the same team. Then I went to the number nine because it was the closest thing that looked like a zero. I played the rest of that year with the number 9. Then the next year I went back to zero, but when I got traded to Cleveland Jeff McGinnis had zero, so I wasn't going to go back to nine so I just smashed them together and came up with 90.

ID: Are you a Cowboys fan?
DG: Well I like going to Cowboy games, but I am an Oakland Raiders fan.

ID: What is your favorite restaurant in Dallas so far?

ID: Do you eat fast food and what is your favorite fast food?
DG: Definitely, Jack in the Box.

ID: Crunchy or Puffy Cheetos?
DG: Crunchy.

ID: Favorite late night snack?
DG: Chips and Salsa.

ID: Toothpaste?
DG: Crest

ID: What is your favorite NBA city to visit?
DG: Miami, because no matter the time of the year the weather is usually great.

ID: You play piano? Are you really good? Should we set up a dueling piano match between you and coach Rick Carlisle?
DG: Nope, no need. Carlisle already beat me out at my house. I saw him play the keys and he is A LOT better than me. So let's not do that...

ID: I saw the ping-pong match between you and Rick Carlisle...maybe you are good at video games? What are you favorite video games?
DG: Yeah, he pretty much handed it to me on the ping-pong table too. What can I say? But you know I don't really play video games anymore. I used to a lot when I was younger, but I guess the love for it is just fading away as I get older.

ID: You have missed a couple games with a back injury. How is that coming?
DG: I feel a lot better but it is still day-to-day. I should be back out there soon.

ID: You have set up multiple learning centers for children that focus on reading...what books are on your night stand?
DG: Real Estate for Dummies. Rich Dad Poor Dad. The Art of War.

ID: What person, if you ran into them on the street, would you be ecstatic to meet?
DG: It has to be a tie between President Obama and Mr. T.

ID: What is the most famous telephone number that you have in your phone book? Would they give you "the button" if you called them right now?
DG: Most famous guy? I don't want to give my friends that much credit.

ID: Who was your favorite basketball player growing up?
DG: Hakeem Olajuwon.

ID: If you could be a super hero who would you like to be?
DG: Is the Invisible Man a super hero?

ID: What is your favorite movie of all time?
DG: The City of Gods.

ID: What is the last movie that you saw in the theatre?
DG: Paranormal Activity

ID: Do you put butter and salt on your popcorn at the movies?
DG: I don't eat popcorn.

ID: What is your favorite show on television now?
DG: Nip/Tuck.

ID: Who plays you in the Lifetime made-for-television movie?
DG: Vin Diesel.

ID: Who is your love interest in the movie?
DG: Megan Fox for sure!!!

ID: Do you remember your first girlfriend?
DG: Oh, sure. It was in kindergarten and her name was Cassandra. True story.

ID: When was the first time that you went on a date with a girl and you drove? Where did you go? What was her name? What kinda car? How much did the date cost?
DG: Oh was in college. I drove Nick Collison's minivan. And when I picked her up, she asked me whose minivan it was and I didn't want to really say, so I just said it was shared by the basketball team. Whoever needed to use when it was free got the keys to the Chrysler Minivan. It was the one with wood on the side. It was unreal, but I promise it was Nick Collison's minivan. I don't remember what movie it was and she probably paid, so I don't even know how much it cost to go to the movies then. You might have to call her to find out.

ID: What kind of car do you drive now?
DG: I have a Range Rover.

ID: If you weren't playing basketball right now, what would be your career path?
DG: I wanted to be a stock broker early on, but now I would just probably be in sports management.

ID: What is your favorite non-basketball shoe?
DG: Nike thong sandals.

ID: One last you think the big beard look for Drew Gooden will be coming back anytime soon?
DG: I think the beard days are over with for now. I might try it out later on in life, but as of right now I like the clean cut look. It is growing on me. No pun intended.

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Comment by Kellie on November 9, 2009 at 3:02pm
Hahah @ "a city with beautiful weather" ...yeah, that's only recently begun to happen

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