(photo by Me) Tyson Chandler puts on his kicks before an early morning of staduim stairs.

Early Morning Workout

The days of the NBA summer are coming to a close. No one can stop the hands of time regardless of their fame, fortune, or power. Even prime time basketball players are rendered mortal against father time. The days are clicking past faster than a passage of time cut away from an old-timey black and white movie. Can you see the pages of the calendar ripping away and flying off the screen? The Mavericks can too and they have felt a sense of urgency to make the most of each day this summer.

They are using the last few days of summer twenty-ten to bond with their new teammates, get their NBA legs, and to generally condition for what they hope will be a fantastic season chasing the extremely elusive NBA Championship.

Early on Thursday morning, September 23, strength coach Robert Hackett and a handful of Mavericks/Mavericks hopefuls made their way in darkness to Hebron High School for a conditioning session.

After a quick stretch on the exquisite hand made carpet that the Hebron Hawks call football grass the Mavericks ran the bleachers. Ten full bleachers and two “every-step” stairs was sufficient to get the lactic acid flowing and make the players think they were carrying a couple of logs for legs.

They followed the stairs with another visit to the plush blades of grass to complete an extensive abdominal and core workout.

To the casual observer, it might have appeared that the Mavericks were packing up and heading home as all the players picked up there stuff and headed for their cars. But the drive was short as the cars made a few quick turns through the Hebron student parking lot. The convoy of cars looked like a luxury car game of follow the leader as they negotiated the maze of a parking lot. It might have even seemed like the start of a Gum Ball or Canon Ball Run minus the fanfare, hot flag girls, and corporate sponsors. It was a great mix of high test vehicles for sure.

After their short ride, the players found themselves at the top of a steep hill that would be their nemesis for the next 20 minutes. Lunges, front walking, back walking, front running, back running, and crisscrossing pretty much covers most of what they were doing up and down the grassy hill. It isn’t exactly clear to me what the function of each drill might be, but it sure looked tough. I am glad I was just sitting in the grass pushing a little button.

An easy jog/run/sprint of the practice football field (twice) followed by an easy stretch and the players were done with their conditioning work for today. All the work was completed by 8:00 a.m. The players had the rest of the day to work on their skill sets and enjoy the last few days of summer.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Media Day!!!

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Comment by Lynda Villarreal on October 3, 2010 at 8:12pm
This photo looks very 3D? Is it just my cold or is it shot that way?

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