ID: What did you think when you first heard that the Dallas Mavericks might be interested in you?

SM: I was really excited to be going to a really good team and to get back into the Western Conference.

ID: Why do they call you Matrix?

SM: Kenny Smith gave me that nickname during the preseason of my rookie year. I made some spectacular plays back-to-back in a 30 second sequence or something crazy like that and it just stuck with me.

ID: When was the first time that you ever dunked?

SM: The first time I ever dunked I was in high school. It was the end of my freshman season. I was always able to jump high, but once I figured out how to use it as a basketball player I really started to do a lot of different things in the air. I started to get creative. The dunk happened on a breakaway and the next thing you know, instead of going up with two hands and blasting the glass like all the guys were doing then, I just went up and threw it down.

ID: How did you decide on your number?

SM: The fans picked the number for me. I did a broadcast on my website, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace all those social networks that I communicate with my fans. It came down to zero or one. It was a tie so I ended up going with zero.

ID: Do you really get into the social networking thing as much as everyone thinks you do?

SM: Yeah, I am into it. I like it. It isn't like I am into it so much that I have to do it or I am going to die or anything like that, but I do it to keep everyone posted about what is going on with me. Sometimes I forget to do it or just decide not to do it at all, but I try to keep it up-to-date the best I can.

ID: When did you first start playing basketball?

SM: I started playing basketball in the 4th grade.

ID: When did you first figure out that you had a chance to make it into the NBA?

SM: When I was born, just kidding. I would say after high school when I was going to junior college.

ID: From your humble beginning at Vincennes Junior College did you ever believe that you would have had such a successful NBA career?

SM: No way. What can you say really? It has been a blessing. I am definitely grateful and I am still learning about basketball and my life. Personally, basketball has taken me beyond horizons that I had never imagined. You just have to capitalize on everything while you can.

ID: You got to love basketball?

SM: I love life.

ID: What was the first thing that you bought with your NBA money?

SM: Easy question! I bought my mom a house.

ID: Do you know where your bronze medal from the 2004 Olympics is right now?

SM: Yeah, I know where it is...I got two medals though. I got the bronze but I also got the gold medal from the Goodwill Games. They are both at my mom's house.

ID: Do you like being the life of the party in the locker room?

SM: Oh, I like doing is my personality, but not all the time. I mean when it is dead and you want to wake everyone up you have to do something to liven the place up. But when the vibe is good and everything seems to be cool I just sit back and join in with everyone else.

ID: What type of music do you like?


ID: Who and where was the first concert that you ever attended?

SM: Yeah, it was Biggy Smalls, Criag Mack and Total. It was at Tennessee State University.

ID: Do you remember the name of your first girlfriend?

SM: Yep, it was Erica Jones.

ID: What was your first job growing up?

SM: I had a job cleaning out apartments and studios between tenants.

ID: Do you have any game day rituals?

SM: Yeah, come to shoot around. Go home eat, sleep, come back stretch then play. Just kidding! No, I don't really have any rituals.

ID: What is your favorite type of food?

SM: I really like fried foods like catfish or chicken. But I don't really eat that much of it. But I like it a lot. Okay, well I eat a good share of it, but I also like pasta and eat a lot of salads. I really like a good salad.

ID: Do you eat fast food?

SM: I occasionally eat fast food. I am not that big into fast food. But Chick-Fil-A!!! Oh my, I love their chicken. It tastes so good. It melts in your mouth. Wow!

ID: What is your favorite restaurant in the NBA?

SM: Ruth Chris, probably.

ID: Do you have a favorite restaurant in Dallas yet?

SM: Yeah, I really like Hibiscus.

ID: What do you have in your refrigerator right now?

SM: Well, let's see...Gatorade, Water, Cranberry Juice, some leftover lasagna my mother made, and some really old grapes. In the freezer I have some ice cream. There is always some ice cream in there. Oh, and there are some Hot Pockets in there too.

ID: What is your favorite late night snack?

SM: "Fruit Snacks!"

ID: What is your favorite movie of all time?

SM: Under the Cherry Moon.

ID: What is the last movie that you have seen in the theatre?

SM: Couples Retreat. It was good.

ID: What is the last DVD that you purchased?

SM: I buy movies every Tuesday. So I just got what came out a couple days ago...The Proposal and Land of the Lost. I have a lot of DVDs!

ID: What is your favorite TV show of all time?

SM: That is too tough to answer.

ID: What is your favorite show on TV right now?

SM: Entourage.

ID: Who is your favorite actress?

SM: Man, I like a lot of people. I like a lot of them. Halle Barry, Kate Beckinsale, Megan Fox. Hold on...who else? I am missing a lot of them. You know what? Just make a list of all the actresses in Hollywood...she is my favorite.

ID: Who is your favorite actor?

SM: Man I like a lot of them too! I am a big Johnny Depp fan. But I like Denzel (Washington), Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Wesley Snipes, and Don Cheadle too. Cheadle is a versatile actor. But my man Johnny Depp has it hands down.

ID: Who was your favorite basketball player growing up?

SM: I was big on Reggie Miller growing up. Reggie Miller was my favorite player growing up. But then who wasn't a Jordan fan?

ID: Did you look up to any athletes from other sports?

SM: I am a big Chicago Bears fan. Walter Payton was the greatest!

ID: What is the best hook-up that you have ever gotten to a sporting event because you are the famous Shawn Marion?

SM: I don't really get a bunch of stuff for being a basketball player. But I do get a ton of hook-ups because of my good looks.

ID: What is your favorite mode of communication? Text, call, or e-mail?

SM: I think everyone is texting too much these days. If you need to say more than five or six words to me, just give me a call.

ID: If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

SM: Every day.

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