The Mavericks are in the midst of a 6 day, 4 game road trip that started in Phoenix on Tuesday , March 10th (victory over the Suns) and has them getting home Sunday night after a 2:30 pm start against the Lakers in Los Angeles with stops at Portland and Golden State in between.

So Inside Dish thought they would talk to the people on the road with the team and get some travel tips that help them survive the NBA road.

Jason Kidd (Point Guard)

“Always make sure that you get plenty of fluids. The planes and the games dehydrate you big time. Always make sure you are hydrated.”

Gerald Green (Forward)

“Always get plenty of sleep.”

Terry Stotts (Assistant Head Coach)

“Make sure that you get a routine in regards to packing for each trip. Do the same thing each time and you are less likely to forget something. Almost like you are an airline pilot preparing for take-off. Also, never use the dresser draws in the room.”

Mike Shedd (video coordinator)

“Roll your clothes tight instead of folding them. You can roll them real tight and take up less space in your suitcase. Plus the clothes don’t wrinkle as much. Also, you can utilize the inside of the extra shoes that you bring. I put belts, cologne, or anything else that will fit in my shoes.”

Mark Followill (Television Broadcaster)

“When you bring nice shirts in a garment bag leave them in the plastic from the dry cleaner. It saves the clothes from getting as wrinkled.”

Sarah Melton (Communications Director)

“Always carry a bunch of snacks with you in your bag so you don’t raid the mini bar which can get very expensive.”

Ryan Hollins (Center)

“Always double check the rooms and the closets on your way out of the hotel so that you don’t leave something behind.”

James Singleton (Forward)

“Always bring your phone chargers! If you forget they can cost you 30 to 50 bucks a pop!”

Popeye Jones (Assistant Coach)

"Always pack double the underwear you think you will need for the trip.”

Al Whitley (Equipment Manager)

“Always take the comforter off the bed before you get on the bed.”

Casey Smith (Head Athletic Trainer)

“Never trust the alarm clock in the room. You never know if it’s correct and it’s a recipe for disaster if you use it. Always use the time and alarm on your phone.”

Antoine Wright (Guard)

“Never ever forget your Ipod. You have to have your Ipod on the road.”

Monte Mathis (Video Coordinator/Assistant Coach)

“Always have a baggie full of every type of stomach medication you could possibly need Pepto-Bismol, Gas-X, Tylenol, everything! So when you eat a bad salad like I did last night you have something to help you get through it.”

Jim Colleran (Mavericks Security)

“You can never pack enough black socks.”

Jason Terry (Guard)

“Always have a daub kit that is used only on the road. Don’t crossover home toiletries with road toiletries… things get lost and left behind if you try to pack and unpack from the road and home.”

Danny Bollinger (Manager of Publishing)

“Never use the telephone next to the commode. Plus, always be in the process of washing your clothes when you are home. Wash a load a night instead of putting it off for a day of 8 loads in a row. During the season there is never a day when you have that much time.”

Brad Davis (Player Relations)

“Keep Danny Bollinger off the trips.”

Dirk Nowitzki (Maverick’s All-Star)

“Give me a minute I will come up with something good...”

And the last but not least travel tip comes from Assistant Athletic Trainer Dionne Calhoun

“Don’t travel…dribble the ball!”

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Comment by Kellie on March 20, 2009 at 9:18pm
"That's just Dirk being Dirk"
Comment by Dorathy on March 13, 2009 at 4:27pm
haha. dont travel, dribble the ball. lol thats cute =D

aww so we didnt get an answer from dirk, danny?

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